Galleon Ship
Here's to Keeping this Boat Afloat!
Remove ads in the app and support the map.
This is probably the quickest and easiest way to support the map, and the idea actually came from you!
We started getting reviews, tweets, and emails from people saying that they did not think the ads got in the way, but that they purchased the ad removal anyway to help support the app. Aww shucks.
Explore the Seas and help us add your discoveries to the map.
We love wandering the sea—exploring and documenting discoveries—but we can't possibly find everything on our own.
We could really use your help.
If you see something missing—or see that something has changed—let us know! The more information the better. Pictures can really help us retrace your steps! Reach out however you'd like: tweet, email, message in a bottle.
Twitter Email Message in a bottle
Share the map with your pirate friends.
Of course, the more pirates we have documenting discoveries the better! So, we should probably bring more pirates aboard.
Stumble upon a lost pirate in a forum? Maybe see if the map can help. Join a galleon through discord? Maybe tell your new crew. There's also the good old-fashioned media share buttons:
Twitter Link
Help pirates all over the world.
We want to include as many pirates as possible. We'd like to translate the app to offer each of the languages supported in the actual game.
We're looking for volunteers to pitch in whatever amount they can. If you'd like to help out, let us know:
Wave Wave
Last but not least
Coming Soon...
Support the app and get an actual map!
We have been blown away by the number of people asking if they can get high resolution physical versions of the map! The graphic artist is doing cartwheels.
So, we've been hard at work building a little map shop.
Since every pirate has their own unique style, we've also been busy recreating the map in a varied array of color pallets—including some inspired by the
in-game cosmetics. We had some fun with this.
Want a sneak peek?
Here's a little glimpse.
These are just a few of the new maps...
Wave Wave
Where might ye be findin' these maps?
The Rare Thief Outpost
Outpost sign
When might this outpost be openin' its doors?
Soon, me hearties.
very soon...
Many thanks, mateys!
Even if an action seems small to you, we really apprciate it.
Every little bit helps. After all, sometimes it just takes one more bucket to keep that boat afloat.